Online Consultation Over The world

Online Consultation:

Dr. Prakash Soni is one of the classical homoeopaths of India . Any body can consult with him through online.

The steps to consultation and treatment with Dr. Prakash Soni are as follows:

Send Whatsapp Massage on Dr Prakash Soni contact

Download the given Questionnaire.

Fill-up the questionnaire and mail it back to Dr. Prakash Soni at

After receiving the acknowledgement from Dr. Prakash Soni clinic with 3-4 days, follow the next step.

Send the cheque or bank draft to Dr. Prakash Soni and intimate him through email.

Once the payment is received, Dr. Prakash Soni will then take 2-3 days to review your case and subsequently appropriate medicines would be posted to your address.

Phone: 9981737772


  1. Dear Dr. Prakash
    Today First Time I visited to your website, it’s Fabulous.
    You are very Kind as per as all patients you meet.
    I hope we will meet some day apart from online.


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